Een huis dat ik gemakkelijk kan onderhouden, zowel op gebied van algemene netheid, als voor de technische installatie, ramen en deuren etc. 

This is the way you can keep your house clean and tidy. By using materials that are maintenance-­‐friendly and keeping everything in place by creating sufficient storage space, the maintenance in the house can be done faster and more efficiently, which results that residents will have more time and less work. It creates a more pleasant, healthier and more efficient environment.

5 things to keep in mind

  1. By making the right material choices the maintenance will be a lot easier and pleasant to do on a regular basis. This ensures that everything stays in a good condition, and provides a longer lifespan.
  2. Check if the technical systems in your house are really necessary. If they are, choose the easiest system so you can maintain it yourself. This way you avoid unnecessary yearly costs spent on extra services.
  3. Make sue that everything is easily accessible. For example, the windows can be a big issue: make sure that all windows are reachable to clean. For higher floors, choose for windows that can be fully opened.
  4. By providing sufficient storage space throughout the whole house, the spreading of clutter and objects hanging around can be avoided.
  5. Choose for materials that are easy to use. In the kitchen for example, you can choose for a floor that is resistant to stains and that is easy to clean. In the living room this is not necessary because the risk of making stains is less common here.  


5 Questions for professionals:

  1. How can I make cleaning easier by using the right materials? Which materials are preferred?
  2. What are the easiest technical systems that I can maintain myself?
  3. What kind of materials are the best choice for a specific room? (kitchen, bathroom,..)
  4. How can I design my house as efficiently as possible to clean?
  5. How to organize my storage space as functional as possible to avoid clutter?

Relevant Resources

Advice on maintenance of the different materials of windows and doors. https://www.belisol.be/nl 

Checklist to keep your house in top condition. http://sibomat.be/blog/hou-­‐uw-­‐woning-­‐in-­‐topconditie